I create things, I solve problems, I figure things out.

I am Benjamin Wright.


I work in Virginia, USA, as a management consultant and software solutions developer. I also perform freelance technical support, graphic design, photography, and website hosting and management services.


I have developed projects using the following languages:

PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C# and C++, Java, Visual Basic, ActionScript, Android SDK, and DarkBasic/DBPro.


I am comfortable with the following frameworks:

CakePHP (PHP), JQuery and Jquery UI (JavaScript), Starling and Feathers (ActionScript), Crossrider (Multi-Browser Extensions)


I use the following programs on a regular basis:

Notepad++ (Text Editor). TortoiseSVN (Subversion), Git/Bitbucket, SourceTree, GiMP and Inkscape (Image/Photo Editing), Putty (SSH), WinSCP (SSH/FTP), Filezilla (FTP), XAMPP, FlashDevelop (IDE), Microsoft Word and Excel.


I have developed or helped to develop several indie games:

Virtual Lawn Mower (TheGameCreators.com), Virtual Lawn Hunter (Caiman.be), Bad Eggs (Caiman.be), The Riddle Of The Stone Circle (Tobermorey.com), and A Tale of Redwall (ATaleOfRedwall.com)


I personally hosted a variety of Web-based applications:

WordPress, Moodle, OpenCart, Lime Survey, several custom-built PHP applications, and others.