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Oak is something I don’t often use for props, because it is heavy and more expensive than polar or pine, and is also much rougher on my hand tools and belt sander. However, its rightly known for it’s strength, so if you really want something to hold up well, it’s a good medium to consider. A thin piece can bear several times the weight of a comparable piece of poplar, and unlike poplar and pine, the typical meter-stick sized pieces I sometimes buy for crafting sword blades cannot be broken by hand without extreme intention.

Dwarven Greatsword

While I am not crazy about the Dwarven Armor, or the design of the axe or mace from the same collection, the various Dwarven swords are my favorite weapons from The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Also, being generally polygonal in their detail work, and overall symmetrical, this seemed like a project that would go well. Continue reading Dwarven Greatsword