I develop software. I can program in a variety of languages (15+) and IDEs and am comfortable creating and deploying large scale database systems, content management systems, web applications, video games for desktop and mobile, and browser extensions.

Contact me to discuss your specific needs, or visit the home page of the company I work for, I am the senior developer at Axim Solutions, and will personally oversee/perform any software development that goes on.


A Tale of Redwall (2006 – Present)

A Tale of Redwall (ATOR ) is a role-playing/interactive adventure game centered in the fantasy world of Brian Jacques’  Redwall series. I built the original game engine in Dark Basic Professional, and am currently in the process of migrating the established functionality and features to Unity 5, where I will be able to provide better visual effects and potentially mobile support. The video below is from the Dark Basic engine, though I’ve also included a work in progress screenshot from the new Unity version. For more information about this project, please visit it’s home page at


Screenshot (Unity 5 Engine, 2016-Present):


Screenshot (Dark Basic Professional Engine, 2006-2015):Lift Trees 25 - Forest Scene 20 2015-06-09 02-20-42-29


Universal Language Room, Android Music App (2014-Present)

At Axim Solutions, I had the pleasure of developing a mobile game that illustrates the idea of music being a universal language. Universal Language Room enables anyone to compose and share music. Players create melodies and share them with others through a melodic vault, where others can download and add their own melody to it. The app is currently available on Android 2.3 or greater, from the Google Play store.

Also, visit my client’s home page:



Tobermorey and The Riddle of The Stone Circle (2009)

I modeled the library scene and provided screenshots and textures for use in a point-and-click role-playing/adventure game that helps to teach the user sign language.


Play at:


Mouse Guard: Battle, Demo (2008)

An turn-based RPG battle engine where the characters from David Peterson’s Mouse Guard series do battle with wicked “Spiderlings” and “Serpentlings”. Engine included simple attacks, combo attacks (repeat hits  do more and more damage), counter attacks (enemy attack dodged), and attack order prediction.



Virtual Lawn Hunter (2006)

An Easter themed remake of Virtual Lawn Mower, with improved graphics and rolling Easter eggs instead of bugs. Won 11th place in the Easter Games competition in 2006.

[screenshots/video coming]


Bad Eggs (2006)

An Easter themed role playing/arcade game with creatures inspired by the art of Ursula Vernon. Won 18th place in the Easter Games competition in 2006.



The Mansion of Professor Migraine (May – June 2005)

A project started, but never completed, for The Game Creators 2005 Puzzle Games competition.


Uber Josh aka: “Final Fantasy 25” (2005)

Quick demo of 2d sprite emulation using 3d planes. Player selects a character, then walks/runs around an enclosed forest space, hacking and slashing with his/her sword.

[screenshots/video coming]


Virtual Lawn Mower (2004)

Won 1st place in a competition hosted by The Game Creators, also featured on the cover of their newsletter. November 2004 Newsletter,

November 2004 Newsletter,


“Old” Redwall Games/Engines (2000 – 2006)

[screenshots/video coming]

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