I build, design, host and maintain websites. I follow industry standards and leverage leading technologies. I also find ways to speed up or automate repetitive website tasks.

I am currently the Senior Developer at Axim Solutions, Inc. (, and I love helping my clients by working out and building the perfect solutions for their unique needs.

Some of my past and current professional projects include:

I designed and built an online education platform and publication process for the University of Virginia, for which I operated as the Site Administrator from 2010-2015. I was responsible for determining how content would be produced and published, how courses and participants would be managed, and to then ensure that these processes were carried out in an efficient and timely manner.

I greatly improved the eLearning platform used by The Income Tax School, and later migrated it to the Amazon Cloud. Since 2012, I have managed their online learning environment’s security and hosting, as well as the development of new extensions to improve their employee’s efficiency.

I was a co-developer, and currently maintain and improve upon an enterprise platform used to process orders and issue documentation and reports detailing sales for a Veteran’s Affairs medical supply and stone distributer who operates across the United States.

Please view the home page for my company at, to learn more about what we can do for you and your business partners.

I do not currently take personal contract requests for software development, but I will personally oversee any software development work that is done by Axim Solutions, Inc. If it’s me you want, it’s me you’ll get, at Axim Solutions.

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